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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six Sexy Summer Underarms Tips

Yes that's right Sexy underarms. It may sound strange but think about how many times you have seen someone raise their arms to reveal dark bumpy armpits. It is not a good look so I thought a few tips might help some of you get ready for the warmer weather fashions. The pic below is reported to be none other than Beyonce on the red carpet back in 2009. Yuck. I guess anyone can fall victim to ugly armpits. This is an emergency for some of you out there so lets get to it!

1) Do Not Shave-Shaving can cause skin discoloration, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Instead opt for waxing. It lasts longer than shaving or using depilatories and doesn't cause these problems. If you choose to have them done professionally make sure the person doing it tests the hot wax and or lets it cool a little before applying to your underarms. This skin is super sensitive and a burn here is miserable. Take it from someone who has had one. A good cheap alternative is buying waxing strips and doing them yourself. Especially if you don't have the time to go have it done by a professional. Veet makes ready to use wax strips for legs and body that work very well. The trip to at home waxing is getting the skin taut. I have found that by raising my arm and placing it behind my head I get the best results. Also make sure you warm the strips between your hands for the most effective use.

2) Use a facial cleanser designed to even out skin tone- This will help with any discoloration you may already have and can also help heal any little pimples or razor bumps. Because facial cleansers tend to be more gentle than shower gels I feel that these are better for areas with sensitive skin. Not gonna lie I use the same cleanser for my va-jay-jay as I use under my arms. Hope that's not TMI. Ha ha! I like Neutrogena Visibly Even for this because its gentle and contains soy which helps also with slowing hair growth.

3) Try a hair growth retardant- There are lots of these products out there Aveeno makes one that is called Positively Smooth and you can find it pretty readily at most Target and Walmart stores. My personal favorite is GiGi Keep It Bare. It comes in a formula for the face and the body and is found at Sally Beauty Supply. The great thing about this product is that its all natural and not only helps with the hair regrowth but moisturizes and exfoliates which brings me to tip number four.

My holy grail because it slows hair growth, moisturizes and  exfoliates!

4) Exfoliate- A gentle sugar scrub or facial scrub work wonders under your arms to clarify and brighten the skin. A body brush would also do the trick. Just don't scrub too hard or exfoliate the same day as waxing because this can cause irritation. You already know what product I prefer to get this job done.

5) Moisturize- Keep your skin soft with a gentle moisturizer. One that is light and fragrance free free is best to avoid irritation. Anything too thick or greasy can clog your pores and increase your sweat production and no one wants that. Again go back to tip three to see the moisturizer I choose for my underarms. Another good option is a baby lotion. If it is gentle enough for a baby it should be no problem for your pits. Ha ha!

6) Deodorize wisely- Choose a deodorant that does not irritate your skin and that doesn't give you those awful looking white balls in the crease of your underarm. A colorless version is best for the summer. Dove has come out with Cleartone deodorant that is supposed to help with skin discoloration in as little as two weeks. I myself haven't tested this out long enough to tell you whether it works or not but it sounds like its worth a try. I do like the Secret Soothing Effects deodorant as it helps with irritation caused by various hair removal methods.

Well there you have it! I hope this helps you ladies looking to show off your sexy arms this summer. I hope to see you back here next week. Although it has been awhile know I still love you so YOU better love you too!!!

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